Custom Soap, by the loaf

Custom Soap, by the loaf


Order any of our available scents, seasonal scents out of season, or a custom scent or blend of your own choosing.

Love Beach Daze, but want it without the pumice? Totally doable!

Lavender without any colorant, or colors to match your special event? We got you!

Colorful soap, without any fragrance, at all? No problem!

Desperate to find that scent that other soap maker used to use, but you can't get it anymore? I can probably help with that!


Available in 7, 15, and 48 bar increments. Soaps will arrive cut into our standard 4 ounce bar size, labeled with brown kraft recycled paper bands, and our logo wax stamp seal.  If you would like soap loaves left uncut, or without labels, please contact me, or add a note into the fragrance or colorant request boxes. 


I may be able to add a custom note to labels for special events. Just ask!


Most orders can be shipped in about 6 weeks, allowing for a 4 week cure time. Special scent requests for things that I don't usually carry may add more lead time, so please plan accordingly if you're ordering for a special event. It's ok to contact me before placing an order to make sure specific shipping and delivery dates can be accommodated. 


Most scent, color combination, and additive requests can be provided for within the price ranges listed here, the exception being certain essential oils or blends. If I can't find what you're looking for with one of my suppliers at a cost that fits into my current pricing structure, I will contact you to either refund your order in full, or offer invoicing for the difference in price. I may also be able to offer alternatives that meet your needs, that do fit into the prices listed. Feel free to contact me in advance of placing an order if you have questions. 


Keep in mind that some fragrances don't play well with others. Some cause soap to accelerate trace, limiting design options, like intricate swirls. If I don't think I can make your chosen fragrance do what you want it to do, I will try to offer options.


Anything that smells like vanilla is likely to cause the finished product to turn brown to one degree or another. I will try to accommodate requests, but be aware I may be contacting you to offer alternative color combinations or fragrances to meet your needs. 





Choose a loaf size
Special additives
  • Scents currently available in inventory

    In no particular order, and others are available, this is not a complete list:

    *anything marked with a * discolors to brown to some degree



    White Tea & Ginger

    Lilac in Bloom

    Cherry Almond

    Cedar EO

    Sweet Orange EO

    Orange Clove

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Vanilla Oak*****dark brown


    Patchouli*light tan

    Nag Champa*dark brown

    Lemongrass Sage

    Vanilla Bourbon*tan

    Barber Shoppe*tan

    Clean Slate

    August Haze*tan

    Beach Daze

    Cool Citrus Basil

    Cucumber, Violet & Fennel

    Spearmint Eucalyptus

    Hocus Pocus* tan

    Candy Cane

    Merry Grinchmas*tan

    Santa Baby*dark brown

    Alpine Frost

    Orange Clove

    Fresh Picked Blueberry *tan

    Fresh Bamboo

    Fresh Cut Grass

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey***Dark brown

    Sea Salt & Driftwood

    Ocean Rain (single colors, or layers, only)

    Avocado Cilantro Lime

    Fresh Picked Raspberry

    Cocnut Lime Verbena

    Peach Jubilee


    Lick Me All Over ****dark brown

    Apple Pie*brown

    Lily of the Valley (no swirls)

    Morrocan Mint

    Apricot Freesia

    Tea Tree EO

    Lime EO

    Lemon EO

    Tangerine EO

    Frankincense EO*light tan

    Cucumber Mint (solid colors only)

    Rosebud (solid colors only)

    white gardenia (solid colors only)



  • Design types available

    Solid colors

    Layers of color, either straight even lines, or rustic, wavy layers. See Spearmint Eucalyptus in our regular inventory.

    Thin pencil lines of black or in a contrasting color between layers, as in Orange Clove in our regular inventory. 

    Chevron patterns of contrasting colors are my specialty, as seen in Lovespell and Lemongrass Sage. This design requires a fragrance that plays well with others. This design works best with batches of 48 bars. 

    In the pot swirls are whimsical, and undefined, as seen in Black Raspberry Vanilla and Clean Slate. 

    Drop Swirls make for more defined, almost psychedelic motifis when done in bright colors.

    Spoon swirls, as in our staple Lavender soap, are more defined than an in the pot swirl, with more swoops than a drop swirl. 

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